About me/Disclaimer

While I realise most people reading this will know me (Hi, Mum and Dad) I thought I should illuminate the man behind the screen to the people who got lost on the way to more professional blogs.


My name is Timon D’Eathe. I’m a 27-year-old resident of the Shetland Islands way north of Scotland. Look it up on a proper map, i.e. not one that has us in a wee box at the side. It’s a fantastic place to visit and live, especially for the gastronomically inclined. We have free access to the freshest, highest quality local ingredients in the Islands and the seafood will ruin all other seafood for life with its fresh, delicate flavour. Positano comes a close second though. Although the limoncello might have influenced that opinion.


I spent many years in Glasgow studying both musical theatre and speech and language pathology. That’s not important but I’m in so much debt from those qualifications I feel I should get some mileage out of it.


My speech and language pathology degree was outrageously stressful and during my second year I found myself cooking as an almost meditative practice at the end of the day to wind down. I’ve always suffered from an overactive brain and find myself happiest when I’m given a task to focus my attention on and, for me, nothing beats cooking for this. Getting lost in cooking for an entire afternoon is usually how I spend my weekends and the kitchen is always a state as a result.


Which leads me nicely onto my disclaimer:


I largely have no idea what I’m doing.


Maybe that’s a bit much but what I mean by this is that I am not a professional cook, I have no formal training outside of working in kitchens at my brother’s hotel and a stint as a cocktail barman.


Food and drink have always been very important to me. I’m lucky to have grown up with two excellent cooks for parents who introduced me to a whole Hell’s Kitchen taste test of varied and exotic ingredients from an early age. For that I’ll be forever grateful.


I have also always enjoyed writing and not shutting up about what I think about anything so a blog was a natural progression for me.


Outside of that, I have stumbled upon a love of cooking purely as a hobby. The recipes featured here will be things that I enjoy cooking and think you will too. There will be a wide variety of recipes for different occasions, I don’t intend to have a ‘wheelhouse’ as such. Many of the things I cook are very personal to my tastes. I don’t much enjoy baking or sweet things, which I think is because I currently live with my Dad and he’s a dessert weapon so I just don’t bother trying to compete.


I realise many blogs are plagued by rambling, often tiresome, explanations and life stories of how each author came to find the recipe and how it has opened their eyes to a new life or rearrange their house or move to a mountainside to harvest tea. I will do my utmost to avoid this and would urge you to at least skim the preamble to the actual nuts and bolts of the recipes as this is where I will generally be explaining wee tips or tricks I’ve picked up along the way that I think are worth a shot.


As I am a total amateur I greatly appreciate any feedback or comments or suggestions for each recipe. If it meets my rigorous and exacting standard of “tasting nice” I’ll gladly edit it into the original recipe so if you try something and like it or think you can improve on the recipe, please get in touch and let me know.


On traditional methods:

Authentic recipes are fantastic. If you’re shooting for authentic, traditional style pasta sauce or ramen or whatever it is you want to make, I think attention to the ‘proper’ way to do things is very important indeed.


That being said; I love experimentation. My recipes are very unlikely to be authentic and in most cases I am aware of this. My cooking philosophy is very much ‘you’re the one eating it so do what you like’ unless you’re cooking for you girlfriend’s Italian Nonna then you’re screwed either way. If you like a bit more soy sauce in your chicken or pepper in your sauce then go for it.


Finally, this blog was started for people I know who insist they can’t cook and so is aimed at the hobbyist cook or casual amateur and therefore those amongst you who know your way around the kitchen, I apologise in advance if you’re offended by my presumption of no prior knowledge. I myself am a proud amateur and much of this blog will be me discovering and experimenting and learning as I go so I suggest we make this a bit of a journey of discovery together.

Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to read a bit about me. If you enjoy this blog or any recipes, please give it a share on social media or just suggest it to friends.


Many thanks and happy cooking!